Executive Coaching

We Offer coaching in the following areas

To be outstanding you have to get out of your box!

With its candid and honest reflections, executive coaching will keep you energized, result focused & ahead of the curve. Both new & seasoned leaders will benefit by gaining new and honest perspectives, focusing on one’s development, venturing into territories unknown & being accountable for one’s role in their own success.

Executives are encouraged to amplify natural strengths, appreciate limitations and understand organisation priorities to achieve personal fulfilment & professional success whilst exceeding organization goals and objectives. Our specialized offerings include:

  • Performance Coaching is a partnership that aims to increase one’s effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. With an objective analysis of the performance scorecard, a better understanding of the organization’s priorities and an examination of work styles and preferences, the employee will develop their own blue print for success.
  • Communication Coaching is for the development of people skills, assertiveness training, and dealing with difficult team issues. It will help build people acumen and emotional intelligence.
  • Transition Coaching offers assistance with role change and provides support in the first 90 days of a new role ensuring the person does not derail and continues their journey of success