Author: Anne Dolly



Person A: I don’t know why I am feeling dissatisfied about the meeting today? Person B: What were your objectives for the meeting? Person A: […]

Develop First

Zen Wisdom

“There was once a pair of acrobats. The teacher was a poor widower and the student was a young girl by the name of Meda. […]

Authenticity & Leadership

Leadership Effectiveness

A long client meeting left me thinking about Authenticity & Meeting Expectations. Authenticity is something that comes up every time I have a discussion on […]

Success Lies Within, not Without!

Personal Effectiveness

Success lies in appreciating our uniqueness and making the best of what we have. However, many a time, we are so caught in the shine […]

Find Your Own Truth

Zen Wisdom

The Zen teacher’s dog loved his evening romp with his master. The dog would bound ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his […]

Looking Within

Zen Wisdom

After winning several archery contests, the young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who was renowned for his skill as an archer. The […]